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RatePro takes the guesswork out of finding competitive workers comp rates. It lets you search hundreds of companies in an instant. It's simple, effective, and time-saving.

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30 years of helping agents help their clients.

It all started 30 years ago. And like with most great ideas, it was born out of a need. Jerry Kroger our founder, needed workers compensation insurance for his landscape business. When he received his quotes he was surprised at the pricing differences. He had a hunch there might be other, more competitive rates, and through a little digging and a lot of hard work, Ratepro was born.

He was right. Agencies across the state wanted the information and many have been using Ratepro daily for these three decades. Renewing year after year. Can’t do business without it.

In the 2020s our mission remains the same. Simple, effective, time-saving, Ratepro serves agencies across the state with the tool they need to stay competitive. Happy clients, happy agents.

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Thanks for your quick response! I think the tool we like the best is the low to high sort by code. Helps us so much in the marketing process for new and renewal accounts. I remember your tool from my days as a work comp underwriter before I took a leap to the dark/agency side (so that goes back 20 years) and I adored your rating tool. Being in MN it is always so helpful to have resources like yours!



Vital Service, please renew!



We are saving time for both our agency and the insurance companies by eliminating the risks where we know we can’t compete. This allows us to spend our time wisely and not spin our wheels.

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